Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Blessings of 2015

Like many of you, I am working to wrap up projects from 2015, while getting ready for the new year.  I am excited about some of the things we have accomplished in 2015.  So before I announce my goals for 2016 here on this blog, I thought I would share some things I am happy about from this year.

Freshman/Senior:  It's crazy to think that I currently have a Freshman and a Senior in the house...and neither are me.  Skylar and Jade are growing up.  And though there are certainly stressful moments in a house with two teenage ladies, I am elated about where we/they are heading.

Hasseman Marketing Grew:  We had a good year at Hasseman Marketing.  We certainly achieved our growth goals for 2015 and I hope it positions us for future growth as well.  So glad we have a team of folks that really care.  Thanks to Libbie, Dustin, Amie Josh, Christine (mom), Jeff, Chris...and of course my bride Amy.

Content Creation:  2015 was a good year for us to continue the hustle on content.  We continued our weekly web show Delivering Marketing Joy.  I am very proud of this piece of content and the value it provides for viewers.  We have also kept up the Weekly Words...consistently. 

I am very excited about a new piece of content that will be coming soon.  But you will have to wait on that...for now.

Growth:  I am proud of reading 50 books in 2015.  It's always great to reach a goal...but mostly excited about the learning and growth it represents.  Here is that list if you are interested.

I am also excited for other blessings that are not measurable.  Great family.  Health.  Abundance.  I wish the same for you.  Here's to a great 2016!

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