Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another Perspective

My family and I went shopping last weekend at the Polaris shopping mall in Columbus Ohio. It was a great two story mall with lots of fantastic stores and restaurants surrounding the facility. I am not a big fan of shopping (especially right before Christmas) but this place was impressive.

Toward the end of the day, my wife decided that I had been a good sport and drove over to the Barnes and Noble store so I could look around for what I enjoy...books. She and the girls dropped me off and stayed in the car.

As I walked in I was a bit overwhelmed by the tall displays, music, crowds of people, and even the staff suggesting that I should buy the new Nook. The store was set up so there were multiple entrances, so it was difficult to orient myself to where things were supposed to be. I wandered around the first floor a bit until I was convinced that what I was looking for was not here. Then I got on the escalator.

During the quick ride on the escalator to the 2nd floor of the store, I was able to actually "see" the store. I noticed the different sections that I could not see while everything was in my face. And there it was...the section I was looking for all along! So back down the escalator I went to find the book of my dreams!

We all need to do this sometimes. We are so caught up in the moment; so passionate about the things right in front of us; that we lose a bit of perspective. That means it's time to get on the escalator. If you don't have one handy, often a walk in the fresh air will do. Sometimes you can just get in a quiet room and try to remember what is important. Either way, this is a good time of year to remind us all. Keep perspective and it will help you reach your ultimate goal.