Monday, October 24, 2011

You are "They"

I had the opportunity to talk to a group from the local Career Center the other day and I was discussing many of the topics that show up on this blog. It was going great. I had told them that successful people needed to set goals, dream big, and give themselves permission to they could succeed.

One of the things we then discussed is they should not wait for others to "give" them an opportunity. To be successful, the students needed to create those opportunities for themselves.

I told them that the "they" mentality is killing us! Everyone is waiting for "they" to do something. "I am a part of 'they,'" I told them. "We are starting a new group called 'we,' and 'you' are welcome to be a part of it!"

Sometimes we give away our power to create success by blaming it on others. As I looked around the room, I saw several eyes in the room that "got it." I hope "they" reach out and create their own future! I hope you do too!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Give Big Thanks

Each year right around this time Hasseman Marketing & Communications holds our Customer Appreciation Show. The event is a fun way for us to reach out to our customers and thank them for their business. We generally have a food, drinks, music and even some of our vendors set up to showcase some other things that we do. It's a fun day and our customers seem to really enjoy it.

Why am I telling you this?

Because even though I like to think we do a pretty good job of thanking our customers all year long (everyone can do better), we take this opportunity to make a BIG deal about the appreciation game. These extra special moments sometimes can help to create a more special bond between you and your customers. The fact is, we all should do a better job of the every day thank you. But when you have the opportunity to do the "over the top" can really set you apart!

So today you should make a point to reach out and thank a customer. And think of a way you can also reach out and make a BIG impact with a gesture that will set you apart!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Give Yourself Time To Learn & Grow

My wife and I attended a seminar Friday called EntreLeadership. It was a simulcast featuring best selling author and radio host Dave Ramsey. It was an all day seminar during an extremely busy it was a real investment of our time. As is nearly always the case with these events, I stress and struggle as the event draws near over whether or not I have "time" to do this. I am sure you have had the same internal dialogue.

But each time I realize once I attend that I need to Make Time for these opportunities for growth.

In nearly any decent seminar you can get at least a couple ideas you can utilize to improve your life or your business. Sometimes (often even) it is something you already "know" but are not "doing." It serves as a reminder you need to get back to this activity if you want to be successful.

For example, at one point Dave discussed the 4 quadrants of our time. Stephen Covey addresses this concept in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I have read it and even gone through a class of 7 Habits...but it was good to hear again.

The concept is that there are 4 quadrants of activities in life, Urgent and Important (crisis or emergency), Important but Not Urgent (preparation, planning, etc), Urgent but Not Important (phone calls, emails, someone else's crises) and Not Urgent and Not Important (TV, Facebook, etc). We all know that we need to spend time in Quadrant 1. We all know we shouldn't spend so much time in Quadrant 4. The problem is many of us get stuck in Quadrant 3 and don't spend enough time in Quadrant 2! Follow that?

The lesson here is you have to Make Time to do the preparation, planning and pro-active work of Quadrant 2. Give yourself time to learn. These moments will help you be a more successful leader, spouse, and friend.